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Allergy / Immune Articles

Information and Articles Related to Allergy / Immune

Whey Protein
Whey protein is primarily produced as a byproduct of cheese production and represents an ideal source of protein that contains special medicinal properties. When extracted properly and with care, whey protein products contain high levels of immune stimulating factors and can greatly assist the body in muscle building and cellular detoxification.

The Intestine/Immune Connection
When most people think of their immune system the last thing that comes to mind is the large intestines. However, thanks to emerging research and high profile ad campaigns by companies like DannonĀ® yogurt, people are getting introduced to the connection.O

Probiotics and Health
Did you know there are over one hundred trillion microorganisms living inside your gastrointestinal tract? That is right, you have 10 times as many microbes cohabitating with you as you have cells in your body.

Five Immune Boosting Tips You May Not Know For Winter
  Winter is a time when the immune system needs extra support. Decreased sun exposure, flu season and spending more time indoors all contribute to higher infection rates during these months. However, with proper care and planning you can bolster your immune system and fight off viral and bacterial infections before they make you sick.

5 Natural Cures for Allergy Season
Introduction: Seasonal allergies are the most common allergic disorder in the United States, affecting an estimated 10-20% of the population. Symptoms are characterized by sneezing, nasal congestion, flu like symptoms, eye irritation, breathing difficulties and other discomfort of the upper respiratory system.

Three Ways to Improve Your Health
Most of us are aware of the basic strategies touted for improving health. Increasing intake of healthy foods, exercising, smoking cessation and weight loss are some common examples, but there are some other health secrets on the cutting edge of research that you might not know about.