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Achieving the New Goals of the New Year

Each New Year brings new opportunity to improve yourself and your life. It marks the beginning of new things, but is also a time to reflect on the past. Allow yourself to identify achievements you had in the following year and enjoy the feeling of success or overcoming challenges. However, it also important to reflect on the things you did not achieve or aspects of your life you may have let slip. It is these areas that are the most important to focus on in the New Year. By analyzing the success you had in the previous year, try to assess what it was that you did that allowed you be successful in this area. Take those same patterns and behaviors and apply them to the goals you want to achieve for the New Year. For example, if you excelled at work or business last year ask yourself, “What behaviors did I use to achieve this?” Things like persistence, hard work, innovative ideas and creativity will probably come to mind. Take this model of success and apply it to a goal for the New Year. For example if you want to loose weight this year but have always been a failure at eating right or exercising regularly, you can apply the principles of succeeding at work to gain the confidence to succeed in the new year.

Be motivated to set goals and deadlines for being healthier by getting out the calendar and setting dates that mark certain achievements. Hire outside help if you can, like a personal trainer, because they help keep you accountable for your progress.

Be innovative and creative. Try new strategies for eating healthy or exercise. If you know your previous strategies have failed, don’t do them again. Take a cooking class centered on healthy living to inspire new recipes and ideas or subscribe to a magazine that can help jump start innovative ideas. The same is true with exercise. If you never use the exercise bike in your basement, what makes you think you are going to use the treadmill you are thinking about buying? Use creative exercise ideas that can be incorporated into every day life like using the stairs more often, or taking the family dog for a walk every day. If you ever played sports as a youth, sign up for a local club team. Look into health classes at local gyms that you find interesting. Have you always wanted to try kickboxing, karate, Pilates, spinning classes or yoga? A new year is a great time to be adventurous and try a new strategy.

Finally, in order to be motivated to keep these changes up you need have energy. To jump start this process I recommend people considering using natural supplements to support the body’s ability to produce energy. When you feel energetic it is easier to stay motivated and achieve new goals. A great place to start is with a complete, high quality multi-vitamin (make sure to take the full serving size to achieve results). This at least ensures that your most basic nutritional needs are being met regardless of diet. Herbs and vitamins such as Siberian eleutherococcus and the co-enzyme activated B-vitamins can be very helpful at boosting energy levels and helping the body to resist stress. These vitamins, minerals and herbs should help provide an underlying level of support in achieving your new goals in the coming year.