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Heart Health Articles

Information and Articles Related to Heart Health

The Growing Importance of Fish Oil
Information and statistics regarding the healthy benefits of consuming fish have been around for ages. Within the last 40-50 years these beneficial properties prompted the use of fish oil supplementation in the form of oils and capsules.

CoQ10, Heart Health and Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
Coenzyme Q10 was originally discovered in 1958 by Professor Fred L. Crane. Soon after its discovery, CoQ10 was being investigated for its beneficial effects on the heart. As this new molecule was further investigated scientists realized it played a crucial role in running the energy powerhouse of every cell.

Heart Health:Beyond Cholesterol
When most people think about monitoring their heart health, they think about their cholesterol levels. And yes, it is true that cholesterol can to a point reflect the state of your cardiovascular system, it is an oversimplification to think it is the only factor.