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Vitabase Super Fruit Formula

Experience Five of the Most Popular Fruit Supplements in One

Vitabase Super Fruit Formula, allows you the experience the benefits of five of the most popular fruits supplements on the market- without the huge price tag. While there are a number of great products on the market that are based these ingredients, the cost of taking more than one of them can be prohibitive to budget conscious consumer. If you have taken some of these products in the past, you are probably aware that you can spend from $40-160/month on many products that contain only one of these ingredients.

Scientists now tell us that it is more important to get smaller amounts antioxidants from multiple sources – rather than mega dosages from just one source. This is due to the fact that different antioxidants work in different ways and perform different functions in the body. Vitabase Super Fruit Formula is loaded with antioxidants from 10 different fruit sources including the top five super fruits on the market. Vitabase Super Fruit Formula allows supplement your current supplement regimen with super fruits for a fraction of the cost of buying each of the individual products.

Below are typical prices that you would pay when buying a juice supplement.

Mangosteen $29.95
Acai $40.00
Noni $40.00
Goji $29.95
Pomegranate $14.95
Resveratrol $14.95

Total $169.80
Vitabase Super Fruit Formula
as low $19.95/month
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