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Heart Health News and Reports

The Latest News and Reports in the World of Nutritional Supplements

Calcium Supplements Could Possibly Contribute To Heart Attacks In Older Women

Research has recently shown that older women who take calcium supplements for bone strength may be at a higher risk for heart attacks. The study found that of 1,471 women (aged 74) who participated in the study involving calcium/placebos, 31 of the calcium takers had heart attacks, compared to 21 of those who took a placebo.

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Fish Oil Supplements Have Mixed Results For Heart Patients, Evidence Shows

Scientists find that fish oil supplements work well for some heart patients while more negatively affecting others, St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto researchers report. While many take fish oil supplements (EPA and DHA), which can boost the immune system, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and prevent arteries from hardening, some patients experience an increased risk of bleeding from what may be too much of the supplements. Further studies are needed to determine the complexities of this supplement and how it affects the heart, scientists say.

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Lipoic Acids Help Heart Health

A study recently conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute and College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University, and the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington found that lipoic acids may be influential in heading off cardiovascular disease by preventing atherosclerosis, as well as perhaps promoting weight loss by increasing metabolism and reducing appetite. Test mice given lipoic acid supplements had decreased "atherosclerotic lesion formation" by "55%." Researchers plan to conduct a double-blind, randomized study on humans next.

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Vitamin E Good For Diabetics' Heart Health

A recent Israeli study found that taking vitamin E supplements reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke in diabetics with the haptoglobin (Hp) 2-2 gene by 50%. An individual with this gene is vastly more susceptible to cardiovascular complications if they have diabetes. Studies involving over 1,000 subjects examined the effect the intake of a daily vitamin E supplement had upon the heart health of diabetics with the Hp gene. The supplement cut the risk by almost half.

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New Study Will Examine Grape Seed Extract

A new study by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, the first of its kind, will examine the effect of muscadine grape seeds on heart health. Muscadine grapes are common in the U.S. and are known to have a high content of resveratrol. Participants will be those at risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Fish Oil Fatty Acids Best For Heart

A recent study that compared the results of two groups' intake of fatty acids found that those taking a marine derivative, fish oil, had quicker and higher results in heart benefits than those who took a soy derivative. Participants who took fish oil saw improvement in "as little as two weeks," Diet Digest reports. The benefits included reduced risk of heart attack.

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