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Essential Fatty Acids News and Reports

The Latest News and Reports in the World of Nutritional Supplements

Fish Oils Good For Lupus?

A new study reveals that fish oil supplements (which contain essential fatty acids) may be beneficial for those suffering from Lupus.

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A Second Article About The Eu's Omega-3 Recommendation

Another article referencing the recent study results regarding vitamin supplement Omega-3, reports that the EU has recommended Omega-3 for pregnant women to increase their likelihood of a healthy birth. The supplement also aids fetal development and supports healthy eyes and brain development.

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Omega-3 May Benefit Pregnant Women, Study Shows

A recently conducted study reveals that an extra intake of Omega-3, a DHA fatty acids are found naturally in fish and some algae, may promote fewer miscarriages, a healthy delivery, and healthy fetal eye and brain development.

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Omega-3 Demonstrates Impact On Blood Lipid Levels

This study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that men with high levels of triglycerides can benefit from Omega 3 products.

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Omega-3 And Eye Health

A new study suggests that omega-3 fatty acids could help prevent damage to the blood vessels in the retina.

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Omega 3 And Alzheimer's

Here is some news about Omega 3 from the Karolinska Institutet.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial in lowering blood pressure, according to a recent study. Since there are many factors that influence blood pressure, omega-3's make up only a small part of the lowering process. Omega-3's are best obtained through dietary means such as trout, salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flaxseed, and canola oil.

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Reduce Body Fat Through Fish Oil And Exercise

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently released the results of a study that indicates that a regimen of exercise and fish oil supplementation may actually reduce the amount of excess fat on a person's body. It may also help lower cholesterol and keep veins healthy.

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