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Brain / Mental Clarity News and Reports

The Latest News and Reports in the World of Nutritional Supplements

Chromium Picolinate Good For Brain Function

A recent study that focused on the effects of the supplement Chromium Picolinate yielded positive results, and showed promise in aiding elderly sufferers of cognitive impairment and even perhaps Alzheimer’s.

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Beta Carotene Good For Preserving Cognitive Ability

A study involving over 5,000 men for a period of 18 years suggests that taking regular beta carotene supplements may keep cognitive function sharp and prevent dementia in the elderly. The study divided the men into two groups--one group took beta carotene every other day, and the other took a placebo. After more than 18 years, questionnaires and cognitive testing found that those who took the supplements performed better mentally. (A smaller set of test groups that took the beta carotene for less than 3 years performed equally.) Although further research is needed, the supplement seems to increase cognitive function long term.

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