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The Latest News and Reports in the World of Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin D Supplements Reduces Falls For Elderly?

A recent study examined the effects of women who took vitamin D2 supplements found that those who took the supplement in the study had a 19% decrease in falls, even when other factors like height were added in.

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Doctors And Supplements

According to a recent survey of the medical community, while 79% of doctors and 82% of nurses recommend supplements to patients, 72% of doctors and 89% of nurses actually take supplements themselves.

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Vitamin D Lowers Early Death

A recent study has shown that people who take vitamin D supplements have a lowered risk of early death from any cause. The researchers reviewed 18 previous studies, encompassing a range of over 60,000 participants. The study suggested that vitamin D, a vitamin not found naturally in many foods, may reduce cancer and heart disease risks.

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Vitamin D And Bone Health

A new study from the National Institute of Health shows that Vitamin D supplements help keep bones healthy in older men and women.

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Vitamin C Does Not Help Prevent Colds?

A study recently published in The Cochrane Library claims that vitamin C is not effective at preventing colds. It also says that vitamin C does little to shorten the length of colds or make them less severe.

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Clinical Trials Are Inaccurate?

Randomized clinical trials are the standard by which all drugs and supplements are judged. This article discusses some perceived problems with the interpretation of clinical trials.

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Fda To Regulate Supplements

Last week, the FDA announced that they were going to force manufacturers to test their supplements to ensure that the contents match the label. There is up to a three year period in which manufacturers have to comply with this new regulation. As a supplement retailer, Vitabase applauds this move. Our products already meet the testing requirements proposed by the FDA, and we welcome this chance for the industry to rid itself of some bad apples and force other companies into honest marketing. We strongly believe that the FDA and FTC are looking out for the consumer in this situation.

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Using Vitamin D To Help Fight Cancer

The use of Vitamin D may possibly help in the prevention of some types of cancer (mainly breast, prostate, and colorectal), according to a four year study conducted by Creighton University in Nebraska. The study involved over 1,000 adults, giving some calcium, some calcium and vitamin D, and some placebos. The group that received both calcium and vitamin D came out with less of a chance of developing cancer in the near future.

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