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Evening Primrose Oil (1300 mg)

60 Softgels by Vitabase
  • Only $15.05
  • Save 29%
  • Prime source of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA).
  • Historically used to provide relief for breast tenderness, mood swings and bloating associated with PMS.
  • Cold expeller pressed and hexane free.

Evening Primrose Oil (1300 mg)


    Evening Primrose Oil (500 mg)

    90 Softgel Capsules by Vitabase
    • Only $11.55
    • Save 34%
    • Contains 9 to10 percent GLA, a very important essential fatty acid.
    • Provides very high-quality, 100 percent-pure, cold-pressed oil obtained without the use of harsh chemicals.
    • Has been used for centuries to ease symptoms associated with PMS and menopause.
    • Ingredients and manufacturing audited and approved by Dr. Kevin Passero.

    Evening Primrose Oil  (500 mg)