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Special Offer

For website owners and bloggers

Do you want a $10 refund on your last order from Vitabase? Here is all you have to do.
  1. Write a short testimonial about Vitabase or our products (either positive or negative!) and put it on your personal website or blog or any public place on the web.   Include a link to any page on
  2. Send an email to telling us the page that you posted your information.
Here are some ideas on how you can do this:
  • If you have used a Vitabase product for a specific health condition and it has helped you, you can find a blog or forum discussing that health condition and post your story.
  • If someone online is asking for recommendations on a product to help a particular problem and you can recommend a Vitabase product, please do.
  • Please do not be spammy when posting on other blogs or forums. We want you to be honest. Avoid sounding like a commercial or like you are biased toward Vitabase.
  • To get the coupon, you must post in a public place on the Internet. In other words, your Facebook profile page would not qualify because few people can actually see it.

Once we verify your testimonial, we will refund $10 to you on the credit card you used when you placed your last order (or send you a check).

Terms and Conditions

Your testimonial must be on a page that is accessible to the public internet.  While it does not need to be on the home page, it must be able to be found by visitors coming to your home page.  This offer not valid for sites related to pornography, gambling, hate speech, or other inappropriate topics. Each customer may only take advantage of this offer one time.