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Jason Cosmetics

  • Helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Helps establish healthy care of mouth and teeth.
  • Fruit flavors of strawberry and banana.
  • Harmless if swallowed.

Toddler Toothpaste with Free Gum Brush by Jason is the first step on a lifetime of good oral care for your child. Its great strawberry or banana taste encourages kids to brush, and parents love it because it contains Calcium Lactate, which may help prevent tooth decay. It is naturally sweetened with Xylitol, a fiber in many vegetables and fruits. It is Kosher Certified and prepared with food grade ingredients. Toddler Toothpaste is for toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years and can be used on teeth and gums. Toddler Toothpaste is harmless if swallowed and does not contain fluoride or preservatives.

Suggested Use: Wash hands. Squeeze a pea size amount of Earth's Best toddler toothpaste on gum brush or on finger. Use small, gentle circular brushing motions on gums and teeth. Use daily, especially after meals.

Supplemental Facts

Notes: Use under adult supervision. Do not use more than directed. Safe if swallowed.