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Jason Cosmetics

  • Alcohol free.
  • Formulated for lasting protection.
  • Herbal fresh formula.

Since most underarm deodorants are applied in close proximity to the lymph nodes, there are health concerns concerning the toxicity of deodorant formulas. Herbs and Spice Stick Deodorant by Jason uses traditional herbs, flower extracts and botanicals for lasting freshness. Free from alcohol and Aluminium Chlorohydrate this natural formula can be applied daily without subjecting you to needless toxins.

Clove and Rosemary provide herbal freshness and protection against odor. Corn starch provides relief from wetness and garment stains. A simple pleasing note of Sage rounds the fragrance and lends to the soothing effects of Aloe. It is environmentally safe and provides healthy odor protection that lasts all day.

Supplemental Facts

Notes: This natural deodorant combines age-old botanical secrets for long- lasting protection. JASON Herbs & Spice Deodorant Stick is formulated without Alcohol or Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Enriched with Clove, Rosemary and Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Sage and Corn Starch, this deodorant delivers herbal freshness. Long-Lasting Protection, Herbal Freshness, and Natural Ingredients.


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