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Garlique Supports cardiovascular health. World lead in product potency. Odor-free, all natural, drug-free. Standardized Herbal Supplement. Cardiovascular support. A healthy heart, a healthy life. Garlic has been used for centuries to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Garlic contains the chemicals alliin and allinase. These two chemicals combine to produce allicin - the active ingredient in garlic which most scientists believe is responsible for providing this important support for cardiovascular health. World leader in product potency. The potency and effectiveness of garlic is measured in terms of its allicin yield - the amount of allicin that can be produced when the alliin and allinase combine. Garlique uses only select high allicin yield garlic specially grown in rich fertile soils. Garlique garlic is processed with extreme care and attention, guaranteeing that the potency is preserved as it is ground into a fine ivory white powder. Independent laboratory testing proves that each Garlique tablet yields at least 5000 mcg of allicin - more than any other leading brand. Odor-free. Garlique tablets are enteric coated (absorbed in the small intestine, not in the stomach), odor-free, tasteless, easy to swallow and easy to digest. Garlique has none of the unsocial qualities associated with fresh garlic cloves. One per day. Garlique tablets are so high in allicin yield that you have to take only one tablet per day to support cardiovascular health.
Suggested Use: Take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet(s)

Other Ingredients: Garlic Powder (bulb).


  • Heart Health