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Deep in the remote highlands of China, Mongolia and Tibet grows a little red berry called goji. The dried fruit is neither as tart as the cranberry nor as sweet as the raisin, but possesses a delightful flavor all her own. A hardy plant that can survive for hundreds of years—even in the harshest of climates—she was believed to transfer her gift of longevity to all those who consumed her tasty berry.

And consume they did. In ancient times, the goji berry was used to make soup, stew, tea and wine, or just chewed as a snack. Later, she found her place in traditional Chinese medicine, where she’s been used for 2,000 years to promote health, wellness and longevity.* Women of Chinese nobility tapped into the powers of the goji too, eating the berries to look younger and be more beautiful.

Now, through the efforts of fearless fruit explorers, the secrets of the delicate goji are being offered to the West.

Introducing Goji•Zen™, an optimized whole fruit blend of purees and juices from Pure Fruit Technologies featuring the treasured goji berry. Drink just an ounce a day for better health.
Suggested Use: Shake well before using. Enjoy one to three fl.oz. (30-90 ml) daily.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 1 fl. oz.

Notes: Because Goji-Zen is a natural fruit product, it is normal for contents to settle and separate. Refrigerate after opening. Use within sixty days of opening.

Other Ingredients: Goji Berry Puree, Apple juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, seabuckthorn puree, rose hip puree, cranberry juice concentrate, aronia juice concentrate, grape seed extract.


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