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  • Safer, faster alternative to powdered creatine.
  • Works in just minutes.
  • Won’t cause dehydration or kidney strain.

ATP Creatine Serum is a safer, faster alternative to powdered creatine supplements for athletes who want to perform harder, longer. This stabilized, liquid form of creatine monohydrate bypasses the digestion phase, so the body absorbs it more efficiently. ATP Advantage Creatine Serum saturates the muscles within minutes with enough creatine for your immediate workout, unlike powdered creatine which takes 45 minutes to one hour to digest and can bind with food. A single 5 ML serving taken just before working out gives you the equivalent of 2,500 mg of powdered creatine without causing dehydration. Yet this fast-acting serum is completely depleted from the body after any intense 1- to 3-hour workout session.

Suggested Use: Before you exercise, use the dropper to take 5 (1 mL) servings under the tongue. Take only on training days.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 1 ml

Notes: Keep out of the reach of children. Store at room temperature or refrigerate.


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