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  • Provides relief from muscle aches.
  • Helps to alleviate pain and stiffness due to overexertion or minor injuries.
  • Reduces swelling as a result of bruising and pain.

Arnicalm Trauma by Boiron offers great relief from muscle aches and helps to alleviate pain and stiffness caused by overexertion and minor injuries. Moreover, the formula is effective to reduce swelling as a result of bruising or pain.

The formula combines Bellis perennis (5C), Arnica montana (9C) and Ledum palustre (5C). Bellis perennis is effective on muscle fibers in the blood vessels and helps reduce muscular soreness. Arnica montana offers great relief from symptoms associated with injuries, blows, falls and minor contusions. Ledum palustre helps to alleviate major symptoms associated with rheumatic diathesis.

Arnicalm Trauma by Boiron combines Bellis perennis, Arnica montana and Ledum palustre to help relieve the pain associated with muscle aches, stiffness, minor injuries and bruising.

Suggested Use: Adults and children: As soon as possible after minor injury, take 5 pellets every 15 minutes for 4 doses. Then if needed take 5 pellets 3 times a day. Allow the pellets to dissolve in the mouth at least 15 minutes before or after meals. Turn tube upside down and twist clear cap to dispense pellets.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 5 Pellet(s)

Notes: Do not use if label sealing clear cap is broken. Stop using this product and consult a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen, if new symptoms occur or if redness or swelling is present because these could be the sign of serious illness. As with any drug, if pregnant or nursing a baby, ask a health professional before use. Keep this and all medications out of reach of children.

Other Ingredients: Sucrose, lactose, Arnica montana 9C HPUS, Bells perennis 5C HPUS, Ledum palustre 5C HPUS


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