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VPX Sports | Craving Control Formula

  • Fools your brain into believing you are full.
  • Eliminates carbohydrate cravings.
  • The ultimate tool to help millions of low carb dieters stick to their diets.
One of the biggest roadblocks to weight/fat loss lies in the failure to control the appetite and food cravings. Even if you basically eat a healthy diet, you will fail to lose weight if you are consuming too many overall calories. Not to mention the fact that many people are able to eat properly all day long, only to have their weight/fat loss efforts derailed by late-day cravings for sweets, causing the infamous nighttime binge out.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone were able to develop a product containing a natural substance that can kill the appetite, voraciously attack fat along with diet and exercise, and destroy carbohydrate cravings, all while increasing energy and libido, with no known side effects? Well guess what…VPX is proud to release yet another world-beating innovation into the sports supplementation arena with DIETEX™!

The DIETEX™ formula is based around a rare botanical that grows deep inside the African Kalahari desert. This medicinal herb, called Hoodiax (pronounced who-dee-ax), has been proven to cause massive weight loss in two double blind South African studies with rats and strikingly similar results of powerful appetite suppression and weight loss in human beings in Europe. Hoodiax is 10,000 times more biologically active than glucose to induce the release of brain chemicals and hormonal responses that control hunger. By controlling these chemicals, DIETEX™ is instrumental in reducing and even totally eliminating the desire for food.

While Hoodiax alone is simply amazing at controlling the appetite, VPX decided to combine it with another incredible compound called Sceletix (pronounced Skell-leet-ix). Sceletix acts as a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor to make you feel great even though you have eaten far less than you normally do. The actions of Sceletix also balance brain chemicals to control food addictions.

DIETEX™ CRAVING CONTROL MEAL FORMULA: Because protein is the single most important appearance enhancing nutrient, a significant amount of research went into developing a high protein meal formula superior to those already available. Pushing the envelope of technology, VPX engineered a Craving Control Meal Formula called, DIETEX™. The active ingredient in DIETEX™ acts as a powerful appetite suppressant by naturally stimulating the release of serotonin in the brain. Over 64% of Americans are overweight because they are addicted to the serotonin released in response to eating processed & high glycemic carbohydrates. DIETEX™ works by greatly increasing serotonin and is, therefore, the ultimate Craving Control Formula™.

Consuming adequate amounts of protein while reducing excess calories will aid greatly in the maintenance of lean muscle tissue. Muscle gives the body shape and tone and increases the body's ability to utilize and burn fat.

Each High Protein, Low Carb DIETEX™ Meal Packet contains 500 milligrams of high potency Hoodiax™. Only DIETEX™ contains real Hoodiax™ brand name Hoodia Gordonii proven to greatly reduce appetite and cravings for sugar, other carbohydrates and overall food intake.
Directions: Shake well prior to use. For faster results, drink three bottles (servings) of Dietex™ daily for the first five days. Then, consume one to two servings every day there after. This front end loading phase will yield higher levels of Dietex's™ powerful Craving Control™ ingredients in the body. Because each person's genetics and body chemistry is different, allow five full days for Dietex™ to take effect. Dietex™ works to control appetite immediately for some individuals. However, others may take up to five days to experience Dietex's™ potent Craving Control effect. Drinking a ZERO CARB® or ZeroTein™ Protein Shot™ (by VPX) upon rising will also help to curb cravings and aid in the maintenance of lean muscle and reduction of body fat. Nothing is as potent or works faster than Dietex™,

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