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Ordering - Dropship Program

Ordering within in our Dropship Program

Once, you begin receiving orders for our products, simply send them over to us. We accept orders by fax, email, phone, or electronic submission. The easiest way to order is by using a special tool on our site especially customized for our dropshippers. We encourage you to submit your orders using whichever method is most beneficial to you.

Once we receive the orders, we will process and ship them within one business day. When the order is shipped, you will receive an email containing the tracking information. Your customer will receive a receipt showing your information, and will never know that you are using another company to ship your orders. To them, we will simply be your fulfillment company.

We use custom software to make our fulfillment process both efficient and accurate. This is very important, because you do not want to spend your days on the phone discussing order problems with your customers. Our packaging is professional.

Of course, you will charge your customers the price you choose, and we will charge you your special drop ship price. The difference between the price you charge and the price you pay us will be your profit.

While our drop ship program requires more work than our affiliate program, the profits are higher, and you will always have full ownership and control of your customers.