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Commission Structure - Referral Program

View our commission structure for referrers

Most of the larger online vitamin shops offer between 8% and 12% of sales. Vitabase offers double that, a healthy 25% for our brand name products and 10% for all other products.

It is important to know how to distinguish between our name brand products and our house brand products. Our house brand products are our own brand of high quality supplements, manufactured directly for us. We carry over 200 Vitabase brand products, with each labeled under the Vitabase name. We pay more commission on house brand products simply because we are able to get them at better prices than name brand products.

Make more by doing less with the new Vitabase two tier affiliate program. Our affiliate program now supports a second level of referrals. Every time a new affiliate signs up after being referred from your web site, you will earn 5% of every sale they make.
  • Receive credit for any second tier sale up to 90 days after the customer visits.
  • No limit to how many affiliates can sign up directly under your second tier.
  • Earn 5% for every single second tier sale.
  • View your organization earnings in your account.