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90 Day Cookies - Referral Program

Earn commissions on customers who don't buy the first time

Even the most reputable companies on the Internet often have a huge loophole in their referral programs—they do not pay commissions if the customer does not place an order on the initial visit.

It is a well-known fact that most customers do not order on the first visit to a website. If you send a customer to Vitabase, you should get paid even if the order is not actually placed until the next day. We have a 90 day “cookie” policy at Vitabase. Once you refer a customer to us, as long as they order within 90 days of their first visit, you will still get paid commissions.

We believe that companies that do not do this for their affiliates are taking advantage of them and are not true partners. Don’t consider any referral program that does not offer this service to you.