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FAQs - Referral Program

View some of our more common questions

Q) Does it cost anything to become an referrer?
A) No

Q) How are referrers paid?
A) Referrers are paid monthly on the 15th for sales in the previous month. Payment is by check or Paypal. Checks for under $25 will accrue until the next month.

Q) How is the commission calculated?
A) Referrers are paid 25% on sales of Vitabase brand products and 10% on sales of non-Vitabase products.

Q) Do you use cookies?
A) We use cookies as a way to track your customers if they do not order on their first visit. In fact, if they order at any time within the first 90 days, you will still earn commissions on the order.

Q) What are the best ways to make money in the program?
A) Our successful referrers use a variety of means to earn commissions. You can advertise on your own site, by email, or through various offline methods. Creativity is the key to success. Most websites that do well offer quality content of some kind to their visitors.

Q) What activities are prohibited as referrers?
A) Here is a list of things that are grounds for termination as an referrer:
  1. Spam
  2. Screen scraping of the Vitabase site
  3. Adware or other intrusive software
  4. Unauthorized use of Vitabase pictures and content as defined by the Terms and Conditions
  5. Buying keyword advertising that infringes on the Vitabase trademark
  6. Any illegal or immoral use of the program to defraud other referrers or customers