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Marketing - Referral Program

Tools and programs that help you sell more

When you sign up for the Vitabase Referral Program, we do our best to help you generate sales. To help you accomplish this, we provide the following for all our referrers:
  • Linking Tools - We provide tools to let you create custom links, images, and "Buy" buttons to place on your own site.
  • Dynamic Content - We provide ways to keep your pricing and special offers always matching our own. So when change prices, you won't be left out.
  • Website Content Package - Although you cannot use our copyrighted content on your site, we will provide a content package that you can use when adding our products to your site.
  • Realtime Commission Tracking - Never be in the dark as to how much you're earning.
  • Tips and Guides - Having been in the supplement business for years, we can provide a number of helpful tips and articles to maximize your affiliate experience.
Furthermore, it is our belief that the best way we can keep our customers ordering through you is to take care of them to the best of our ability. You will find that your referrals enjoy ordering from Vitabase. We have an excellent customer management system to minimize mistakes and ship quickly.