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Referral Program

Learn more about out Referral Program

There are hundreds of referral programs to choose from online. We guarantee that Vitabase is DIFFERENT, and if you choose to work with us, we will be your true partner. Most of the online referral programs are alike and are designed strictly with their company’s profits in mind, not the profit of the referrer. The profits you earn through Vitabase will depend on the goal you choose to set for yourself.

Suggestions that Referrers can benefit from:
  1. Linking to our website or specific products on our website using a special link that will give you credit for the resulting orders.
  2. Using the content we provide to build a content filled website.
  3. Pursuing organic search engine rankings, online advertising opportunities, or PPC campaigns.
  4. Emailing people you know (no spam!) with the special links we provide.
Vitabase uses a simple strategy to ensure that the correct referrer gets credit for each new customer. We use 90-day cookies to ensure that all referrers get correctly credited and keep your earnings updated in your Vitabase account.