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Antioxidants Articles

Information and Articles Related to Antioxidants

What Are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants are naturally created nutrients that help maintain the health of cells and support the immune system in fighting infection. Antioxidants are commonly found in fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Popular Antioxidants
Alpha-lipoic acid - Also known as thioctic acid, is a chemical that plays an important roll in the energy producing processes of the body and is a powerful antioxidant. Popular antioxidants such as Alpha-lipoic acid are known for their ability to neutralize high levels of free radicals and how well it interacts with other antioxidants.B

Antioxidants and Aging
During the normal metabolic activity of our bodies, a process called oxidant stress occurs. Oxidant stress is the name given to the cellular process that results in the formation of reactive byproducts.

Health Benefits of Antioxidants
Research over the last two decades has continued to produce evidence that supports the importance of antioxidants to the health and well being of our bodies. Antioxidants are found in many fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Lycopene - A powerful Antioxidant Supplement
Lycopene, a naturally occurring member of the carotenoid family of compounds, is responsible for the red color of tomatoes, guava, rosehip, watermelon, and pink grapefruit. Carotenoids in general are noted for their antioxidative ability, but none are as effective as lycopene.