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Digestive Health Articles

Information and Articles Related to Digestive Health

Reflux Disease - Tips for Managing Heartburn
Do you suffer from frequent heartburn? Here are a few tips for getting control over your heartburn and acid reflux disease.1. Drink lots of water. 2. Eat more raw vegetables. 3. Do not eat for 3 hours before bedtime 4.

Probiotics - The role of friendly bacteria to our health
The term “Probiotic” is generally accepted to mean “good for life.” Probiotics are naturally occurring “good” or “healthy” bacteria that work within the immune system and especially in the digestive system (where 70% of the immune system is located) to keep the body in a balanced state.

Why Supplement Digestive Enzymes
Enzymes are the “work horse” of the human body, as they are the catalyst to any chemical reaction which takes place inside the body. A protein which is rounded in it’s molecular shape, each enzyme has a specific and particular function, whether in circulation in the prevention of excess blood clotting, or in tissue repair after an injury, to the digestive functions of the body, which is discussed here.T

Importance of Fiber to Colon Health
The use of fiber in a well-balanced diet is essential to the well-being of the colon. Waste from the body is obviously disposed of through the colon. A healthy colon will function by getting rid of waste in a timely manner, not allowing it to “build-up” within itself.

Ginger- Natural Help for Motion Sickness and Nausea
Motion sickness is a common ailment associated with travel in cars, trains, planes, and boats. Its basis is largely unknown but is believed to be caused by a combination of inner ear disturbances and over-stimulation of the optic nerve due to either real or apparent movement.