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Heart Health Articles

Information and Articles Related to Heart Health

Pomegranate helps your heart
A new study by the National Academy of Sciences indicates that pomegranate may very well be good for your heart. Past studies have proven that pomegranate is a substantial antioxidant and a great source of potassium and vitamin C.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy with Green Tea Leaf
There are many claims that green tea is beneficial in keeping the heart healthy; but what evidence is there to back up those claims? Here are the results of some recent studies:A joint US/Chinese study published in 2003 in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that, after 12 weeks of taking green tea extract, the total cholesterol of study participants fell more than 10% and “bad” cholesterol decreased by more than 15%.

Coenzyme Q10 (Coq10) - Antioxidant Protection for the Heart
CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-type nutrient found in the body. First identified in the late 50's by Karl Folkers, who conducted over 30 years of research on the subject, CoQ10 is seen as an antioxidant, which is used by the body to produce energy.