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Tips for Prevention of Osteoporosis

The bone disease of Osteoporosis affects approximately 25 million women and 5 million men yearly. Of post-menopausal women, from one third to one half are at risk for developing this crippling and painful disease. Additional risk factors include things such as being small-boned, having a sedentary lifestyle, being an Asian or Caucasian woman, having certain medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, eating disorders, liver disease, etc.), too much caffeine and alcohol intake as well as cigarette smoking are all part of the lifestyle and/or genetic markers that can lead to Osteoporosis. Fortunately, there is much that can be done to prevent the onset of this disease.

One of the best defenses against Osteoporosis is adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, especially before the age of 30 in woman. Because bones are "living tissue" they are constantly regenerating themselves. At the age of 30, bones have reached their peak density, and the destruction of bone cells start outpacing the their growth, in which case, bones become more brittle, porous and prone to breaking, leading to Osteoporosis.

Calcium intake can come from dairy products, supplements, or enriched products (those with calcium added). The average adult needs approximately 1000 - 1200mg of calcium daily, taken in any combination of the above.

Weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises are great for preventing Osteoporosis by putting stress on the bones, which causes them to respond by increasing bone density. Things such as walking, climbing stairs, and weight-lifting would fall into this category. Also, varying the exercises to put pressure on different bones (from walking to tennis playing for example) are also encouraged. One note: although swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise, water "supports" the bones and would not be considered a weight-bearing exercise.

Other things to consider: getting enough Vitamin K through green, leafy vegetables, and enough Vitamin D through exposure to the sun. Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, and quitting smoking are lifestyle changes that can be made as well.

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