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Information and Articles Related to Weight Loss

Green Tea and Weight Loss
Basically, there are only two ways to lose weight: you must either reduce the amount of energy (i.e. food) consumed, or increase your body’s energy expenditure. For the latter, most people think only in terms of exercise, but there are other ways of increasing your body’s metabolic rate.

Tips for Losing Weight
1. Rather than worrying about the number of calories that you eat, concentrate on eating the proper foods. Make sure meals consist of a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates and some fat.2. Drink 6-8 glasses of liquids daily.

CLA and Weight Loss
Whenever a new weight-loss product arrives on the scene, it invariably creates a lot of interest because, although many of us would like to lose weight, we seem to have a great deal of trouble in achieving that elusive goal.

How Relora Can Help You Control Your Weight
The relationship between cortisol and weight gain has been noted by several researchers in the area of weight management, and many books have recently appeared on the market alerting readers to the insidious link between stress, elevated blood cortisol levels and weight increase.C

The Link Between Cortisol and Weight Gain
Recent studies have identified a link between elevated blood cortisol levels and weight gain. This relationship sheds light on why, for some people, weight can be very difficult to shift and does not respond well to dieting and exercise.C

Phase 2 - Carbohydrate Blocker and Weight Loss Aid
Phase 2 (derived from Phaseolamin 2250) is the trademarked name of a derivative of the white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). This completely natural product can be taken as a supplement with meals to neutralize the starch (carbohydrate) content of ingested foods.

Hoodia Weight Loss Supplement
Are you struggling with a low calorie diet? Do you find yourself hungering for food all day long? Hoodia-GL may be the answer for you. Since a CBS news report on the possible appetite-reduction qualities of hoodia, the popularity of hoodia supplements has skyrocketed.