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Hoodia Weight Loss Supplement

Are you struggling with a low calorie diet? Do you find yourself hungering for food all day long? Hoodia-GL may be the answer for you. Since a CBS news report on the possible appetite-reduction qualities of hoodia, the popularity of hoodia supplements has skyrocketed. Vitabase Hoodia-GL is a potent hoodia extract that can be used in combination with good diet and exercise to promote weight reduction.

Hoodia has been used for thousands of years by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to counter hunger and thirst on hunting trips. Hoodia has been studied by numerous scientists the past few years to determine which elements of hoodia are responsible for this reducing effect on the appetite. Most of the study has focused on an active ingredient called P57 which is currently believed to be the main active ingredient of hoodia. In laboratory animal tests, scientists noticed that animals with P57 injections had dramatic reductions of hunger.

Brown researchers believe that P57 is active in the hypothalamus – a brain structure that controls numerous drives in the body such as appetite, sex, sleep and mood. Scientist believe that additional P57 is able to increase ATP (energy compound) levels which drive the hypothalamus to inform the brain to stop eating. P57 seems to function like similar to sugar which raises ATP levels and lowers appetite. The difference is that P57 has no calories.

Many clinical studies are currently being done to determine the effectiveness and safety of hoodia. The initial results are very positive and seem to suggest that hoodia could be a very valuable tool as an hunger suppressant.

Our high quality hoodia extract is highly economical compared to less potent hoodia powders. You would have to take 13 capsules of hoodia powder to equal 1 capsule of Hoodia-GL.