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Tips for Losing Weight

1. Rather than worrying about the number of calories that you eat, concentrate on eating the proper foods. Make sure meals consist of a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates and some fat.

2. Drink 6-8 glasses of liquids daily. Plenty of liquids will make you less hungry while helping to dilute toxins and flush them out the body. Rather than soda, try natural unsweetened fruit juice. Do not drink alcohol because it interferes with the burning of fat and adds calories to your diet.

3. Colon Cleansing once or twice per year will keep the bowels moving and help stabilize weight. .

4. Take extra fiber on a daily basis. Be sure to take fiber supplements at different times than other supplements. Fiber Clean Capsules are an inexpensive and convenient way to add extra fiber to you diet.

5. Avoid crash dieting. Very low calorie diets can cause the metabolism to slow down. Increasing your activity level is a better option as it will raise your metabolic rate and burn more fat.

6. Exercise is better than diet for maintaining weight loss. It helps rid the body of fat while maintaining good muscle tone.

7. Avoid supplements that promise rapid weight loss. Instead choose supplements that support long term weight loss and are backed by solid research.