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Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism: Fatigue, Depression or Weight Gain
Many people suffer from the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. Some actually have this condition in a form that a doctor is likely to identify; some have unrelated conditions that can look like hypothyroidism but the majority have a condition referred to as subclinical hypothyroidism.

Achieving the New Goals of the New Year
Each New Year brings new opportunity to improve yourself and your life. It marks the beginning of new things, but is also a time to reflect on the past. Allow yourself to identify achievements you had in the following year and enjoy the feeling of success or overcoming challenges.

Chlorophyll-Our Life’s Blood
     How many of us remember the cartoon “Popeye The Sailor Man”? I’m sure anyone over the age of 40 has some recollection of the character. Remember how when things got tough for Popeye, he would pull out his can of spinach and take a big bite of it and whammo.

Three Ways to Improve Your Health
Most of us are aware of the basic strategies touted for improving health. Increasing intake of healthy foods, exercising, smoking cessation and weight loss are some common examples, but there are some other health secrets on the cutting edge of research that you might not know about.

Obesity The Fastest Growing Health Concern
Over one third of Americans have at least one chronic health condition. And guess what the leading one is? Obesity. Close to 79 million adults are obese, resulting in an annual price tag of $147 billion in healthcare and related spending.