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Save More On Every Purchase Through VitaRewards

VitaRewards Program Information

Because we value our loyal customers, Vitabase is pleased to offer our new VitaRewards program. This simple program rewards you with free product credit at Every time you place an order at Vitabase, you will receive 1 VitaReward Point for every dollar in Vitabase Brand products that you purchase. Whenever your VitaRewards points total reaches 100, we will add $5 credit to your account that is eligible to be used towards a future purchase.

During certain promotions, you will also have the opportunity to earn double points or bonus points.

In order to qualify for our VitaRewards program, you must set up an online account with Vitabase. Additional signup is not necessary. The VitaRewards points and product credit do not expire as long as you place at least one order every 6 months.

Checking your VitaRewards Points is Easy!

You may check your VitaReward information at any time by logging into your Vitabase account. You will see the following information:

VitaRewards Points – Every time your VitaRewards point total hits 100, you will receive $5 in product credit, and this number will be reset.
VitaReward Credit – This indicates the amount of unredeemed product credit that may be used on your next purchase.

You may also check your VitaRewards Points/Credit by looking on your receipts dated after May 5, 2008.

How to Use your VitaRewards Credit!

If you place your order online, you will need to check out using your Vitabase account in order to redeem your points. If you have credit available, you will be prompted upon checkout that you have credit available and asked if you would like to apply it to your order.

If you place the order by phone, be sure to mention that you would like to apply any applicable VitaRewards credit to your order.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. VitaRewards are not transferable between people or accounts.
  2. VitaRewards have no cash value, and are only eligible for product credit.
  3. In order to be eligible for VitaRewards points and credit, you must have an online account at All eligible orders must be placed on that account.
  4. Wholesale orders, and drop shipped orders are not eligible for VitaRewards.
  5. VitaRewards begins May 2, 2008. No points will be rewarded for purchases prior to this date.
  6. If you return products from eligible purchases, applicable credits and points will be deducted from your account.
  7. reserves the right to terminate/replace the VitaRewards program at any time.
  8. Vitabase reserves the right at its sole discretion to revoke product credits that it believes are the result of fraud, or violation of the VitaRewards terms and conditions.
  9. VitaRewards points may not be redeemed until you agree to terms and conditions of the VitaReward program. You will be given the opportunity to do this the first time you apply VitaRewards Credit to your order. Until you agree to the terms and conditions, VitaRewards credit have no value, and may not be redeemed.
  10. Terms and conditions of the VitaRewards program may be modified and changed at any time.