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Rickets Returning?

If you are pregnant, it is important to ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D in your diet. The British government is urging its pregnant citizens to make sure they get sufficient vitamin D, BBC News reports. Doctors are fearing an increase in rickets, a bone condition, due to a lack of proper vitamin D consumption by pregnant women. This deficiency is due in part to a lack of good nutrition and fortified foods, as well as a lack of exposure to sufficient sunlight in the winter months. Usually 15 minutes of sun exposure is enough for your skin to make a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Those who are not getting this exposure must make sure that they get this vitamin through a healthy diet.

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Vitamin D May Help Cut Risk Of Asthma In Children

Studies done in both Scotland and America indicate that there may be a connection between asthma and Vitamin D deficiency. Children today are more likely to be deficient in the sunshine vitamin due to lack of outdoor time and sun exposure. Children today are also more likely to develop asthma or asthmatic symptoms than children from twenty years ago.

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