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Osteoporosis / Bone Health News and Reports

The Latest News and Reports in the World of Nutritional Supplements

Calcium Supplements Reduce Risk Of Bone Fracture 12%

Ongoing research in Australia shows that a consistent intake of Calcium supplements reduces the risk of bone fracture up to 12%. OnMedica reports that seniors stand to benefit the most from this discovery, as the calcium supplements (results the same with or without Vitamin D) had the best results with those over the age of 50. Studies further concluded that large doses(1200 mg+)of Calcium tripled the effect that smaller doses had. But keep in mind that calcium supplements will only benefit those who actually take them. The researchers noted that many participants did not keep up with their prescribed dosage levels, which prevented them from receiving maximum benefits from the supplements.

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Calcium Is More Effective Through Diet

With millions of Americans suffering from osteoporosis, calcium supplements have become popular. But is supplementation the answer to help increase bone density? According to a recent article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who had a high intake of calcium through their diet had better bone density than those who relied solely on calcium supplementation.

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