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CC Pollen | High Desert Bee Pollen

  • The nutrients found in Bee Pollen are extremely high quality.
  • The nutritional makeup of Bee Pollen is extremely broad spectrum.
  • The nutrients in Bee Pollen are very concentrated.
High Desert Bee Pollen is carefully selected and blended. The American market has been flooded with inexpensive imported bee pollen. These products have been processed using techniques that include baking and irradiation. Suppliers do this to increase shelf life and to eliminate costs for proper storage. CC Pollen sells bee pollen from their own network of beekeepers, who collect in diverse geographic areas, mainly in the Southwest High Desert and Rocky Mountain regions. This is the key to obtaining a balanced nutritional profile.

CC Pollen cold-stores its bee pollen from collection until shipment. Bee pollen is fresh produce, and therefore, it must be carefully cold-stored to preserve the bioactivity of its enzymes, bioflavonoids, antioxidants and other phytonutrients. CC Pollen knows that live, whole, functional foods must be treated with uncompromising care. CC Pollen Co. takes the necessary steps to ensure freshness and quality.

High Desert Bee Pollen has been tested and found to contain the highest antioxidant activity and polyphenol content of all the whole foods. Laboratory tests have validated the benefits of CC Pollen's commitment to quality in studies that show that High Desert Bee Pollen registers the highest ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) for antioxidant activity of all the whole foods yet tested. It also has the highest polyphenol content, which is the class of nutrients that contain the nutritionally beneficial compounds associated with functional foods.
Taste, feel, and look at our bee pollen. The reason that it tastes so fresh and flavorful is because we select only the best-tasting bee pollen. Our bee pollen granules are soft and semi-moist to the touch. Other brands of bee pollen granules are very hard because they have been dehydrated. Only cold-stored bee pollen granules can be as soft as ours. High Desert Bee Pollen granules possess a multi-colored rainbow of hues indicating that they contain pollen from a multitude of sources. Only multi-source pollen can provide a balanced nutritional profile.

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