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Experience the benefits of premium whole food nutrition. Each Garden of Life® product in this section offers a uniquely effective combination of nature's most powerful whole foods and ingredients to provide optimized nutrition your body can easily digest and absorb. 

Garden of Life Digestive Products
Acid Defense
Fungal Defense
Omega-Zyme Ultra
Perfect Cleanse Kit Hot
Primal Defense Powder Hot
Primal Defense Capsules
Primal Defense Kids
Primal Defense Ultra Hot
Pro2Go! Stix
Super Seed

Garden of Life Immune Products
FYI Restore
FYI Ultra
RM-10 Ultra

Garden of Life Wellness Products

Clear Energy
Clenzology Advanced Hygiene System Hot
Tea Trio

Garden of Life Weight Loss Products
FucoThin  Hot
Perfect Meal 

Garden of Life General Nutrition Products
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Fruits of Life
Fruits of Life Bars
Hawaiian Lehua Honey (Organic)
Olde World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil
Perfect Food - Berry
Perfect Food Green Label Caplets
Perfect Food Green Label Powder
Perfect Food Original  Hot
Perfect Food Bars
PWA Bars
Radical Fruits
Vitamin Code™ - Family Multi
Vitamin Code™ - Men's Multi
Vitamin Code™ - 50 & Wiser Men's Multi
Vitamin Code™ - 50 & Wiser Women's Multi
Vitamin Code™ - Perfect Weight Multi
Vitamin Code™ - Women's Multi

Garden of Life Living Nutrients
Living Calcium Advanced
Living Multi Men's
Living Multi Optimal Hot
Living Multi Women's
Living Vitamin C