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Vitabase Premium Gourmet Teas - Tea Never Tasted This Good!

You probably have heard that drinking tea is good for you, and the amount of scientific evidence proving this is growing rapidly. Teas contain antioxidants that have been linked to good cardiovascular health and other benefits such as relieving stress.

Experience Loose Leaf Tea

If you are accustomed to using tea bags for tea, then you are in for a special treat. Loose leaf teas take the tea experience to a whole new level and you will notice the difference in freshness and flavor immediately.

Enjoy this wonderful experience for less than $.25/cup. We also have the accessories you will need for brewing such as infusers, strainers, and ceramic teapots. 

Tea of the Month Club

Not sure where to begin? Why not join our tea of the month club and receive two different teas each month. Only $9.95 with free shipping!

Natural Flavored Black Teas
Chocolate Mint
Hazelnut Vanilla
Mango Mist
Monk's Blend
Peach Apricot
Pina Colada
Vanilla Cream

Natural Flavored Green Teas
Lemon Green
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose

Premium Green Tea
Jasmine with Flowers

China Black Tea
Keemum Panda #1
Lapsang Souchong

Chai Tea (popular drink in India)
Chochin Masala Chai
Decaf Chai

English Favorites (black tea)
Cream Earl Grey
Earl Grey
English Breakfast

Estate Teas (black tea)
Margaret's Hope
Lover's Leap

Decaf Earl Grey
Decaf English Breakfast
Decaf Peach Apricot Black Tea
Decaf Strawberry Black Tea
Decaf Sencha Green Tea

Organic Teas
Organic Long Island Strawberry Green Tea
Organic Mango Mango Black Tea
Organic Peach Apricot Black Tea
Organic Wild Blueberry Black Tea
Organic Peach Rooibos Tea (caffeine free)
Organic Roman Providence Rooibos Tea (caffeine free)

Flavored Rooibos (Caffeine Free)
Blueberry Bang
Bourbon Street Vanilla
Crème au Caramel
Hawaiian Colada
Mocha Rocha
Tuscany Pear

Fruit Teas (Caffeine Free)
Angel Falls Mist
Berry Berry
Blue Eyes
Cranberry Apple
Strawberry Kiwi

Tea Bags
Blueberry Black Tea
Mango Black Tea
Strawberry Black Tea
Vanilla Cream Black Tea
Peach Apricot Black Tea
Decaf Strawberry Black Tea
China Jasmine Green Tea
Cream Earl Grey
Earl Grey

T-sac (2 Cup)
T-sac (4-6 Cup)
2" Friends Stainless Ball Infuser
2.5" Tea Time Ball Infuser
Mesh Pincer Spoon Infuser
1 Cup of Perfect Tea Measuring Spoon
1 Pot of Perfect Tea Measuring Spoon
2 Cup Hampton Ceramic Tea Pot
3 Cup Sherwood Ceramic Tea Pot
2.5" Teapot Strainer