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Vita-Barley contains only barley juice

Effectiveness of ingredients

If we wanted to reduce our cost of manufacturing and if we were not worried about quality, we would absolutely choose to add maltodextrin and other ingredients to Vita-Barley. However, the Vitabase tradition is that when choosing between price and quality, we choose quality.

Here is some information about other ingredients you will often find in barley juice products.


Competing products contain huge amounts of maltodextrin--up to 50%. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. In itself, it has little if any nutritional value.

Some barley juice manufacturers claim that maltodextrin is necessary in barley juice products to stabilize the product and keeping the nutrition from breaking down chemically. However, when discussing this issue with chemists and nutritional experts who were unbiased, we were told over and over that this claim is not true.

Though it unnecessarily dilutes the product's strength, maltodextrin is an attractive option for manufacturers because it is so inexpensive. It costs only a fraction of the cost of barley juice; reducing the barley juice in a product and replacing the removed with maltodextrin makes a dramatic impact on the cost.

As a result of our research, Vita-Barley does not contain maltodextrin. Because you get much more barley juice in a teaspoon of our product than similar products, our recommended serving size is smaller.

Brown rice

We believe that brown rice, while somewhat nutritious, has little value in a barley juice product. Certainly, the nutritional profile for brown rice is puny compared to barley, so we are unsure why some competitors replace barley juice powder with brown rice powder.


Some barley juice products have a small percentage of kelp in them. Kelp is high in iodine and other trace minerals. We believe in kelp at Vitabase--in fact, we sell kelp. However, kelp is another strange thing to find in a barley juice product in our opinion. If we are selling a barley juice product, it does not make much sense to replace some of barley juice powder with ingredients that are inferior.

The cereal grasses (including barley, rye, alfalfa, and wheat) contain some of the most potent nutrition of any food. Of all the cereal grasses, barley is probably the best. For this reason, Vita-Barley is made only from 100% completely undiluted barley juice powder.

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