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Prolab Nutrition

  • Protein is slowly released into the body.
  • Enhances muscle repair and build-up.
  • Low carb servings.
  • Provides needed fiber.
Prolab® Lean Mass Complex™ Protein Component provides a unique combination of two key protein sources and other nutrients to help you achieve maximum benefit from your intense training program. The special blend of protein in Protein Component delivers the nutrition your body needs to enhance protein synthesis and promote protein retention. Whey protein, a “fast protein,” is absorbed into the body rapidly and helps increase protein synthesis. Casein, a “slow protein,” is digested more slowly and helps enhance protein retention. Protein Component also provides calcium to support optimal muscle function, phosphorus to stimulate cellular energy production, and the amino acid glutamine to nourish muscle cells and further stimulate protein synthesis and retention and is an ideal solution for your pre and post workout nutritional needs.

  • Sports Nutrition