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A number of daily-used items have the potential of poisoning children. Items such as cleaning supplies, medications, paints, art supplies, some cosmetics, pesticides, etc. should be kept out of their reach in order to avoid poisoning. If poisoning occurs, contact your local Poison Control Center Immediately.


  • Call your the Poison Control Center immediately when you suspect poisoning. They will give you professional advice and tell you the next steps you need to take.
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  • Contact the poison control center immediately if you suspect poisoning. They will give you further instructions based on what was ingested.
  • If the poison control center recommends going to the nearest emergency room, take the poison container with you if you can so they know better how to help you.
  • Post the number of the nearest poison control center near your phone. Syrup of ipecac and charcoal tablets (for internal use) should be kept in your home in case they are needed. Only use them if instructed to do so by the poison control center.