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Disorder Evaluation Tool

Add our Free Disorder Evaluation Tool to your Site

Our Disorder Evaluation Tool is a simple health search that anyone can add to their site or blog. A working example is on the right. Give it a try. Type in a sample search like "blood sugar" or "high blood pressure" or "dry skin" and see how it works.
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Health Disorder Evaluation

Visitors to your web site can search for common health problems and this tool will return results right on that page with some information about that problem and a list of nutrients and herbs that are known to help with that particular problem. They never leave your site. The search results pop-up is even available to you in multiple colors to better match your own sites color scheme!

Instructions: How to add this Free tool to your web site or blog

Please enter your name and the web site address where you plan on using this tool. Then click the Generate Code button. A short javascript code will be generated for you to copy and paste directly into the HTML on your web page.

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